Interview mit Dan Severn MMA-Legende Dan „the Beast“ Severn hat MMA-inside Frage und Antwort gestanden. Das Ergebnis seht ihr hier: MMA-inside: Dear Dan, thank you very much for giving us this interview. Your german fans will be very happy to read it. So, let us start with the first question: Dan, you are a true MMA-Veteran, a pioneer of the sport. What were the reasons back then why you switched from wrestling to MMA?  Dan Severn: In the beginning it was only as a test of my ability: Can I get to him……before he gets to me!  Later, it became hobby……..a very well paying hobby.Read More →

Ken Shamrock (incl.Video)     Many MMA Fighters come and go. Some leave very special memories, other can hardly be remembered. Some win titles, but most of them don’t and many of them simply fall into oblivion as time goes by. But there are fighters which are unforgettable, fighters who had a special influence on the development of this kind of sport and who can be rightfully seen as “legends of the sports”. And which man fulfills all these qualifications? It is of course Ken Shamrock.Read More →

The worlds best fighter Who is the worlds best fighter? This question has always been raised in the world of combat Sports. In antiquity the so-called Pankration decided whether the best boxer or the best wrestler could claim this title. But nowadays with the variety of different martial arts the question is much more difficult to answer. At least for a long time. Despite the variety of martial arts, generally the heavy weight world’s champion of boxing was regarded as the best „fighter“. But because Boxing is very “limited” in regard to the permitted attacking possibilities, it is not a big surprise that all theRead More →