We are proud to present you a short interview with someone special. The man, who helped to build up the sport to what it is today. The man who was involved in some of the most famous feuds in MMA-history. The former UFC-lightheavyweight-champion. A true legend of the sport. Its no less than the huntington beach bad boy…Tito Ortiz…


1. MMA-inside: Tito, what did you think when you were watching the very first UFC-Fight between Teila Tuli and Gerard Gordeau?

Tito Ortiz: These guys are Crazy!! Blood sport came to life.

2.MMA-inside: When you were young you exercised with Tank Abott. Has HE been the reason why you have finally ended up with MMA and where did you know him from?

Tito Ortiz: Jerry Bohlander won the middleweight tournament I wrestled him in high school and dominated him, so I thought to myself if I could dominate him well then I could do the same in UFC so I called Tank to get me a shot with UFC. I Knew Tank from Paul Herrera, my high school wrestling coach. I became Tanks main sparring partner

3.MMA-inside: You have been one of the first who have recognized that psychological warfare can bring a fighter the decisive percentage points he needs to win the fight. Were these actions always part of a coldly calculated strategy with the intention to throw your opponent a curve?

Tito Ortiz: I watched the greatest Muhammad Ali in his pre-fight hype and if you can get a fighter to fight with anger his accuracy will be comprised.

4.MMA-inside: Was the famous “Gay Mezger is my bitch” – T-shirt your idea and did you want to aim at Shamrock rather than Mezger?

Tito Ortiz: It was my idea and it was 100% directed at Guy Mezger.

5.MMA-inside: Talking about Shamrock: retrospective after all these years: how do you see Ken today as an athlete and as a person?

Tito Ortiz: As an athlete today he is beyond his prime and as a man he is a good man

6.MMA-inside: You have fought the Who-is-who of MMA in the Octagon. Who was your toughest opponent?

Tito Ortiz: Randy „the natural“ Couture

7.MMA-inside: Is there any person you would like to fight against but never had the opportunity, no matter for which reasons?

Tito Ortiz: Kazushi Sakuraba

8.MMA-inside: Tito, currently there is a big discussion about the comparatively low income of the fighters in relation to the turnover of UFC. What is your opinion about this debate? 

Tito Ortiz: If we are comparing MMA to Pro Boxing scale of pay MMA fighters are not being paid justly.

9.MMA-inside: You are working with Cris Cyborg, how did this cooperation came about?

Tito Ortiz: Yes I work closely with Cris Cyborg, she had a World Championship and had nothing to show for it no money in the bank, and no respect.

10.MMA-inside: What do you think about these neverending discussions regarding a possible fight Cyborg vs. Rousey? Why has there never been a fixed date for this fight and do you (honestly) think that we will ever see this fight?

Tito Ortiz: You will never see this fight because Ronda is afraid to fight Cris

11.MMA-inside: In Germany MMA is getting more popular continuously and beside the hardcore fans who are following MMA for years the fanbase is growing every day. Therefore I would kindly ask you at the end of this interview to address a few words to the German MMA fans

Tito Ortiz: I know I personally have a lot of German MMA fans and I want to thank them for their support throughout my fight career

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