Wir freuen uns, euch folgendes Interview mit dem Mann präsentieren zu können, der als Sieger des ersten UFC-Kampfes überhaupt in die MMA-Geschichte einging. Die Rede ist vom Träger des 9. Dan  im Kyokushinkai Karate, mehrfachen Savate-Champion und Präsident der internationalen Budokai-Organisation.


Gerard Gordeau

MMA INSIDE: You wrote MMA history when you won the very first UFC fight. Can you briefly tell us what made you participate in the first UFC tournament? How did the promoters become aware of you?

Gerard Gordeau: I was asked by the organization after they saw a tape of me fighting in different systems around the globe. I already had a long career at this time in various Full Contact Ring sports. I fought in all real systems and fought every opponent. I love to fight.

MMA INSIDE: What did you know previously about the other participants and the rules of the tournament?

Gerard Gordeau: I did not now anything about the other fighters of the tournament. And most of them i had never heard of. I did now about the rules, this question is easy because they said: There are no rules.

MMA INSIDE:  Why did you never ever fight again in the UFC-Octagon after the first UFC event?

Gerard Gordeau: Very simple…MONEY and Martial Arts do not go together when many people around the fighters get lots of money an wealth, but in those days the fighters did not get much. It was really commercial for everyone but the fighters. So i never fought for them again.


MMA INSIDE: Gerard, can you briefly share your thoughts with us, which you had when you faced Teila Tuli – who had twice your weight?

Gerard Gordeau: I did not have any thoughts and i did not care about weight, system or the person, i just trained for 100%, getting prepared and focussed. Then you can fight everyone. You cannot train for something  you do not know. Because as i told you in question 2 that we did not know about any other fighters in the UFC 1.

MMA INSIDE: Do you remember the mood among the fighters in the locker room? Did you have the impression, that all the contestants were aware of where they got themselves into?

Gerard Gordeau: I do not know about the mood of the other fighters because we did not see each other. We had separate lockers and only saw each other briefly at the pers conference.  Not everyone was prepared and of course this was the very first UFC, and i opened together with Tuli.


MMA INSIDE: After UFC1 you fought against Yuki Nakai in 1995. What happened to Gerard Gordeau after that fight and what are you doing today?

Gerard Gordeau: After this fight i was still active in many contact systems up till 2010 when i retired from active fighting. I had seen it all at fought everywhere. So the time had come to stop fighting tournaments. But i am still active in Budo and Kyokushinkai Karate as the president of the International Budokai (www.internationalbudokai.com). I teach everyday in the Netherlands and travelled around the globe to conduct seminars or to coach new generation of fighters. This year i have been to Japan, Russia, Italia, Latvia, Romania, Hungary and the Netherlands of course to train people in the way of Budo. I formed the International Budokai to protect the traditional values and Budo ways.

MMA INSIDE: Has there been someone you would have liked to fight in the ring or in the octagon?

Gerard Gordeau: No i had many fights in many systems in a large period of time. I had my fights

MMA INSIDE: If you look back today, are you happy with your role in UFC1 or do you think for example that you should have trained some more grappling in preparation of it?

Gerard Gordeau: Yes i look back without regrets. And no you cannot train for something you do not know in front.


MMA INSIDE: Gerard, do you still watch UFC and follow the current events and is there anybody you enjoy watching in the octagon?

Gerard Gordeau: No i do not follow the UFC anymore. I follow Budo, teaching traditional Full Contact Karate without commercial distractions and temptations.

MMA INSIDE: Gerard, thank you so far. We only have one last question for you: Do you have a message for the german MMA-Fans?

Gerard Gordeau: Osu it was my pleasure to answer you’re questions. I would like to say: Stay true and honest and follow a true martial way like i did with Kyokushinkai Karate. Further i want to say rest in peace Kevin Rossier my second opponent in the UFC who recently past away.

Osu Gerard Gordeau

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