Interview mit Dan Severn

COLOR_DAN SEVERNMMA-Legende Dan „the Beast“ Severn hat MMA-inside Frage und Antwort gestanden. Das Ergebnis seht ihr hier:

MMA-inside: Dear Dan, thank you very much for giving us this interview. Your german fans will be very happy to read it. So, let us start with the first question: Dan, you are a true MMA-Veteran, a pioneer of the sport. What were the reasons back then why you switched from wrestling to MMA? 

Dan Severn: In the beginning it was only as a test of my ability: Can I get to him……before he gets to me!  Later, it became hobby……..a very well paying hobby.   I never thought I would do it for as long as I did. 
MMA-inside: When you saw a UFC-fight for the first time, can you share your impressions with us?    

Dan Severn:  „WOW“   You can do this!!!!   This is crazy……….How do I sign up!!!!

MMA-inside: You stated once, that you didn’t tap against Royce because of the triangle choke but rather because you thought, that it was the right thing to do to avoid hurting him. Please give us your thoughts about that.  

Dan Severn: You have part of the correct answer.  There is a lot more to that answer then I could ever type.   I made my decision,  I tapped, and I will live with that decision.  Only one person knows „why“,  and that is me.   Would I do another match with Royce……..YES.   Will he ever want to do another match with me………..NO.   
MMA-inside: Would you tell us your impressions of Royce back then and were you impressed of how easily he defeated much heavier and bigger opponents?

Dan Severn: I did not watch the UFC. A friend watched them and he recorded them on an old VHS tape.  That was my 1st time seeing it.   No real impression.   I already knew in my heart what a grappler’s capability is over a striker.  I have been involved with amateur wrestling since 1969.    I started teaching it in 1971, and I won my 1st National Title in 1972.   And how old were you at that time????    Probably not even born yet.   My point…….I have been around longer than any cage fighter, and have accomplished more than any cage fighter in 4 different areas: 1) amateur wrestling.  2) NHB/MMA Cage Fighting.  3)Professional Wrestling.  4)  In life, as a real person,  a person who is „BRUTALLY HONEST“, and not many people can handle „THE TRUTH“! 



MMA-inside: Dan, you look back at a MMA-Career that lasted almost 20 years and you fought more than 100 fights. Which opponent impressed you the very most in your long career? 

Dan Severn: The most I feared were the other competitors that had a wrestling background.  That is the strength that I brought to the cage.

MMA-inside: You dedicated your whole life to wrestling and MMA. What are you doing today? 

Dan Severn: Still dedicating it to both, along with all the other things that I have been doing all along.  The World will never see a „Dan Severn“ again.   They were never aware of all the things that I was doing at the same time that I was doing NHB to MMA.   The age that I started (just before turning 37).  I am life-time chemical free,   only two training camps in a 20 years span (one for 32 days, and the other for 35), one of the highest winning % ever, and look at my face……….no cauliflower ears, or scars speaks volumes as to my ability.   The fact that you can  still speak to me,  to history,  to a legend………….and I’m not done yet.

MMA-inside: When you remember the first UFC fight you have ever seen and compare it to a fight of today, how do you think the sport has evolved since then? 

Dan Severn: Full circle.   The athlete’s today are better overall, but do not have the capabilities of doing 3 matches in the same two hour format that still exist today.  There is only 1 Tripple Crown Winner in the UFC No Holds Barred Era, and that is me.  
MMA-inside: Dan, one very last question for you: Do you have a personal message for all our german readers and your fans? 

Dan Severn: If you want to learn more about me…………go to my web site at  .    My first trip to Germany was sometime in the late 70’s.   I have been to both East, and West Germany.   East Germany 3 times for competition.  I have seen St Thomas Church in Leipzig, and the tomb of Bach’s grave.  „The Iron Curtain“, and „The „Berlin Wall“.   I have seen History………and am a part of History.   

Dan, thank you very much for your time and your patience with our curious questions.

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